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HCARES D14 DPS Deploy Hurr. Laura 8/2020


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QTH Updates

Texas Update

Well, we have finally moved to Tomball, Texas! No longer will we have to deal with snow, Ice and misery. Now we will be dealing with Heat, Humidity and misery. LOL
In the one week we have been here, we did the following:
1- installed a pool. Very Important…
2- Shot up and installed an OCFDipole from trees and got my rig up and running.. MAJOR league DX from here on FT8. Also major league Mosquitos in the back 40. As well as Cockroaches the size of cigarette lighters.
3- Joined 2 local clubs. South Texas DX society and FT8DMC, as well as the 3916 Tailgaters and the Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net.
4- Registered my F150. I am now Texas Plate KC3LEE!
5- Pretty much wired the entire house for sound, Ethernet, VoIP and Alexa Automation.
6- All new NEST Thermostats in 4 zones.
7- Been to Home Depot 6 times. Only a 5 minute drive, as is just about everything else.
8- Installed my Weather Station on a mast.
9- Installed a 40′ vertical mast for VHF/UHF. Antenna goes up as soon as the ‘crete sets.
10- Built a standing rack system for 4 servers & UPS
11- Drove in an 8′ 3/4″ copper grounding rod. Lightning protection here is a MUST.
12 – The ROHN 60′ tower base is being poured Wednesday and the Mosley PRO67B is on order for mid August. Got the rotator & DCU3 ready to go.
13- Installed the BBQ and Propane tanks & redid the whole outdoor patio/bar party light system.
14- Installed 3 big screen TVs and 3 sound systems.
15- oh, yeah. unpacked some stuff…

Even though I lost my newly built custom ham shack because I could not disassemble it for the move, I have found that 2 $40 folding tables work just fine. More to come!